All things Creative – Free Autism conference – 9th Nov

Well its that time of year again when Chris & I feel the need to gather the clan & make some real differences .  We have the amazingly talented Robyn Steward joining us writer, painter, musician to inspire us all!

This year we are looking to share some really creative stories & people who know that having creativity in their lives is a really positive thing to do.  There will be the opportunity to hear some poetry & write some, get involved in some singing & find out more about Community choirs, have you ever fancied trending the boards at the Theatre.  We hear from a number of amateur actors about the work they do. It could be that you have always fancied trying your hand at painting or making jewelery. Come along and find out could this be something that’s missing in the people who you support lives, is it something you have always fancied trying but were too anxious to try or just come along and share your stories with a group of amAzing people just trying to get a CREATIVE GOOD LIFE!